Du or Du not…There is no Tri!

Powerman Florida is set for October 4, 2008 and is the latest addition to the Powerman Series. Didn’t get an opportunity to participate in a Powerman event this year or just missed a World Championship Slot? Well here is your chance! Powerman Florida is your first opportunity to qualify for Powerman Zofingen; the 2009 World Championships.

The course is located in scenic Pasco County Florida, just north of the Tampa Bay area. This rural area has been a secret winter training location for Cyclist and Multi-Sport Athletes due to the rolling hills (yes Florida has rolling hills), quiet roads and of course beautiful weather. San Antonio plays host to the event, as transition is located in the town park. Upon completion each athlete will receive a FINISHER MEDAL to commemorate their accomplishment

Just trying to get into Duathlon? Not sure if you are ready for Powerman Distance? Or perhaps you just like a faster pace event. Well you're in luck! Keeping with San Antonio’s October Rattlesnake Festival we are offering a shorter distance event; the Rattlesnake Sprint Duathlon. This event is also set for October 4th and will be half the distance of the Powerman event. These athletes will get the same picturesque tour of Pasco County but just at a faster pace.

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